“Last Art Creations” -Y.Z.


“This was one of the best surfing days in summer ´16. We were working all day long and we got the beach at 9 pm. We could´t enjoy the perfect conditions but we have to look up the right side of the life” – Y.Z.



“The perspectives are the most important in surfing photography” – Y.Z.



“A huge session at Nazare. It was a very ugly day… too messi to go out alone,at least for this anonymous surfer” -Y.Z.


“This is the art of enjoy a ride. Above, me in a almost flat sunny day at the end of Summer in Galicia, bellow a photo I took in France from a water rare angle” -Y.Z.


“Skateboarding is a spirit enclosed in a jail and becoming a fashion drive from people who doesn´t care any aspect of this art, it´s just a matter of money, the same thing that happen 10 years ago with the surfing industry” -Y.Z.


“I really like portraits, face to face. This guys are all artists:photographers, musicians, surfers and skaters, each one in his own way. One of them, in black and white is one of my favorite portraits, it´s me on the beach where I grew up”. -Y.Z.



“This was one of the most beautyful days for me in terms of photography. Sometimes Barcelona has an awesome sunset light. Here Adri Villar squaring the wheels”. -Y.Z.



“Photo by me to Adri Villar in any campus around south or east Spain in Spring 2015… I don´t really remember where it was shoot. Initially I wanted to do a b&w but this red brick wall blown my mind”. -Y.Z.