Jared Mell: Thugh Stories



En una antigua entrevista de Stab Magazine, Jared Mell contaba una historia muy llamativa que me hizo recordar a lo vivido por Tony Alva durante su juventud. California es la cuna de grandes skaters y surferos…. y todos tienen una interesante historia que contar:

“Yeah, my mum kicked me out when I was 17. Me and her are really strong-headed people. She used to be an alcoholic and I drink quite a bit myself. This one night one of my ex’s came over and we were on our way down to the beach with a few beers. So we’re walking out and my mum is up and she loves her music right, and would listen to the same song over and over and sing it til three am. She was in the computer room doing that and she comes out and she’s drunk and mad about something. She’s, like, “What are you doing? You’re not going nowhere!” We had a big argument. I wasn’t having it. She pushed me and she’s, like, “You’re under this house, you do what I say.” I’m, like, fuck that. I’m gonna do what I want. I had these three longboards and a single fin that I’d borrowed from Alex (Knost) leaning against the wall and she put them on the floor and stomped on them, broke the glass-ons out of my longboards and pushed the fin box on Alex’s shortboard out the top of the glass. I’m, like, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I didn’t know what to do. I was shaking. So I stomped over my longboards because they were already broken and walked by her, opened her Armoire (writing desk) and it had a flat-screen her and her husband, who I didn’t like either, had bought and I just… dropkicked the flat screen. I turned around and their jaws literally hit the floor. And, I was, like, that’s what you get. You break my surfboard, I’ll fuck your shit up. Her husband came after me and we started fighting and she tried to break it up and got pushed over and cut her eyebrow. Someone called the cops and they came storming in and pulled me off my step dad and put me in cuffs because they thought I was beating up my mum. They arrest me. I’m sitting there and I’m, like, how fucked up is this? I got drunk, passed out early and get woken up and I’m thinking I’m gonna get lucky on the beach, now she’s hurt and I’m in handcuffs. But my mum doesn’t wanna see me go to jail and I wasn’t beating up on her. She told the cops and they let me go. The guy she was married too was a fucking idiot. So, she has to get stitches and I’m sitting there and can’t believe it happened. Her and her husband come walking up and she says, “I never wanna fucken see you again. Fucking get out of here!” I was, like, really? My mum is gonna say that too me after raising me and making me a man. I just took that as her telling me to get out. I had an old 1962 Dodge Dart at the time and loaded up my boards and some shit and drove to my friend’s house, drunk a big bottle of alcohol and hung out with some chick. The next day, Alex saw me and he’d heard about it. He told me to come live with him. He’d just broken up with a girl that he was in love with and had a place to move in together. He’s a total legend”. – Jared Mell


Si quieres leer la entrevista completa -> http://stabmag.com/style/the-terrific-jared-mell/

Jared Mell surfeando en Noosa, Australia: