Winter Surf in Baltic Sea


(Excuse the mistakes)- Pasionate… i have always heard than in the tropical areas there are more pasionate people than in other parts of the world. The warm weather and the palm trees and their easy going character make them more happy and alive. Do you think so? They dance better but more passionate, i don´t really know. The love for the things is really demostrated when the things go bad and if it always goes good you will never know it. Easy way is not pasionate. A surfer is a surfer wherever he is. This guys in the Baltic are really surfers, it doesn´t care their surf level, they surf with the heart and soul, they are the most passional people i have ever seen. Lately, we are watching lot of movies of surfing in northern areas. We are not talking about a perfect point in Island, or Russia in the last northest trip of the photographer Chris Burkart, surrounding by beautyfull cliffs covered by snow, we are talking about the shittiest choppy conditions you can find in a session, even if it is 20 degrees i would think about go out with my board.  “Winter is the only time during the year when we get ‘waves’.
Cold waves are better than no waves.”

The passionate surfer says.